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Micro OHM Meter

With the active support of our team of experts, we are engaged in offering a huge gamut of Micro Ohm Meter. This micro OHM meter and insulation tester allows measuring and testing high voltage equipment. These are highly demanded due to its quality, durability and accuracy. Therefore, these Micro OHM Meters are highly demanded in the market segments.



  • Insulation resistance up to 10 TOhm
  • DC Test voltage 500 V - 10 kV in step of 25 V
  • The short circuit current is 5 mA
  • Auto-calibration of measuring system
  • Operates from mains or rechargeable supply
  • Automatic discharge of capacitive loads
  • Digital and bar graph results with date and time
  • User friendly PC software with RS232 or USB isolated communication port
  • High quality accessories
  • High noise immunity
  • Highest protection degree CAT IV 600 V
  • Standard complied (Instruments): EN61557- 2, EN61326, EN61010-1, and EN61010-31
  • Standard complied (Applications): EN60345, EN61010, IEEE43:2000

LCD Display Ohmmeter

This LCD Display Ohmmeter is 4 ½ digit Contact Resistance Meter which is a digital micro ohm meter designed for measuring resistances in three ranges viz. 200µOhm - 2mOhm - 20mOhm with resolution of 0.01µOhm in 200 µOhm range. This meter can apply any DC current ranging from10A to 100A with the help of control knob, to the resistance to be tested.


The Resistance reading is displayed directly micro ohm or milli ohm. This meter is intended to replace complex bridge set up with a single compact instrument. It is based on four wire measurement technique to eliminate the lead resistance error. This meter has custom built back lit LCD with soft touch membrane keypad, data exchange to PCB through USB interface & built in memory storage up to 99 test results.



  • Simultaneous display of test current, resistance and voltage drop

  • Continuously adjustable current, 10A - 100A DC

  • Three resistance measurement range 200µOhm - 2mOhm - 20mOhm

  • Resolution 0.01µOhm

  • Accuracy 0.5%

  • Four wire measurement method

  • Digital resistance reading from 0.1µOhm to 20mOhm

  • 4½ digit readings for resistance measurement

  • Custom built back lit LCD with sealed soft touch membrane keypad

  • Data exchange to PC through USB interface

  • Built-in memory to store up to 99 test result

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: CRM-100A

Digital Micro-Ohm-Meter

The Mot wane LR 2045-S is a 4 ½ Digital Micro-Ohm-Meter, capable of measuring low resistance with 1micro-ohm resolution. It employs the proven 4- Wire (4W) measurement where fixed DC current is supplied to DUT and voltage drop across the DUT is measured and displayed as proportional resistance reading. The meter is able to deliver guaranteed stable readings on inductive as well as resistive loads.


  • Heat Run Test

  • 4 ½ Large and Clear Display

  • Accurate & Stable Readings

  • 4 Wire Measurement Method

  • Highly Rugged Industrial Graded Casing

  • Sealed Soft Touch Membrane Keypad

High Resolution OHM Meter

We provide High Resolution Ohm Meter 31/2 Digit LCD Display, Resolution 1 m ohm on 2 ohm range. Battery operated. Ratio metric Measurements. Gold plated terminals for low thermal effect. Fully protected against reversal of battery polarity and over loads. 'Push to read' Switch for additional safety.



  • 31/2 Digit LCD Display

  • Resolution 1 m ohm on 2 ohm range

  • Battery operated.Ratio metric Measurements

  • Gold plated terminals for low thermal effect

  • Fully protected against reversal of battery polarity and over loads

  • 'Push to read' Switch for additional safety

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